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  • Aug. 14th, 2011 at 4:31 PM
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My favorite six letter word is always
because it promises so much.

My favorite five letter word is never
because it insists on contradicting the promise.

My favorite four letter word is once
because it says it happened then.

My favorite three letter word is yes
because I’m just now learning to say it to my heart.

My favorite two letter word is if
because it makes all things possible
like this:

If not always
If not never
Then once.

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…there are people who believe that stories for children should not have darkness in them. There are people who believe that children know nothing of darkness. I offer up my own four-year-old heart, full of treachery and deceit and love and longing, as proof to the contrary.
      Children's hearts, like our hearts, are complicated. And children need, just as we do, stories that reflect the truth of their own experience of being human. That truth is this: we all do battle with the darkness that is inside of us and outside of us. Stories that embody this truth offer great comfort because they tell us we do not do battle alone...
      This is the other great, good gift of stories that acknowledge the existence of darkness. Yes, the stories say, darkness lies within you, and darkness lies without; but look, you have choices. You can take action. But none of these things, none of these shining moments, can happen without first acknowledging the battle that rages in the world and within our own hearts. We cannot act against the darkness until we admit it exists...
      And this, finally, is the miracle of stories: together, we readers form a community of unlikely heroes. We are all stumbling through the dark. But when we read, we journey through the dark together. And because we travel together, there is the promise of light.


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